Eye yoga & relaxing eye techniques

By applying eye yoga you relieve the tension and tiredness from your eyes. This way your eyesight improves and your eyes and your body can relax. The right techniques to relax your eyes are key. Learn healthy eye habits, simple yet effective techniques, reduce eye conditions and gradually take them away. 


Private sessions


WORKSHOP: coming up (Date: autumn 2022 probably for workshops in Haacht)

IN GENERAL: If  you join a workshop, please bring along your lens storage case/spectacle case. We'll apply all techniques without contact lenses or glasses. In the sessions we cover theory and we'll apply the right techniques for different eye conditions. Afterwards you can practice at home by using the hand outs you'll receive.

PRIVATE SESSION: You can book a private session by contacting kattyreniers@aliveandflowing.com/+32 (0)496 42 93 84. Price: 60€/hour.

ON-SITE WORKSHOPS are scheduled but not displayed here. Please contact kattyreniers@aliveandflowing.com for information.





IN OUR WESTERN WORLD our eyes often receive an overdose of visual stimuli. The number of hours they’re exposed to computer, smartphone and TV screens, to artificial light, … is often high, and the viewing distance is often short. Also other forms of stress can affect the eyes. These factors can lead to cloudy or blurred vision, deterioration of your eyesight, irritation of your eyes, …

VALUABLE GIFT Offering your employees a workshop eye yoga/relaxing eye techniques is giving them a valuable gift. They'll benefit short and long term. You help people improve their vision, keep their eyes healthy for years and possibly for life. To practice the techniques afterwards, I'll provide hand outs.

LANGUAGES English, Dutch and French.  

OFFLINE REGION: Belgium, Holland, France.
ONLINE: worldwide.

PRICES 2 hours max: 360€ - 4 hours max: 465€ - Day: 655€ - These are the prices for max. 20 participants. >20 participants: let's discuss the price please. - These prices are VATexcl - Travel expenses: extra.



What participants say


"For the first time in 15 years no watery eyes. Usually, with the lightest breeze or cold, I need my tissue constantly. 15 days of practice with these results ...."

"After 2 weeks of eye yoga I don't need my glasses anymore and my vision is no longer blurred."

"I notice that I didn't put on my glasses today and I feel much younger 🙂 "

"Our students really adored your workshop" (Hogeschool Kortrijk)

Please continue in Dutch here. (as I did not yet have time to translate)



More info, scientific prove & testimonials


Eye exercises have been existing for thousands of years. In this workshop I'll teach you simple, effective techniques to reduce eye conditions and gradually take these away. These exercises can improve your eyesight or restore your it completely if you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness (also age-related) or astigmatism. Tear duct problems, tired or dry eyes, cataract, glaucoma, … can also be solved partially or totally.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Short theoretical explanation about the functioning of the human eye
  • General relaxation techniques
  • Relaxing eye techniques: palming, development of peripheral vision, long swing, extreme close-up, shifting, eye massage techniques, hatha yoga for the eyes, …
  • Tips for relief of computer eye strain
  • Bringing awareness to tension in the mind; the eyes let go of tension if the mind lets go of tension


SCIENTIFIC PROVE & TESTIMONIALS * Bates method Central fixation * Case of Meir Schneider * Meir Schneider cured himself largely from congenital cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus and nystagmus by applying diligently the techniques of Dr. Bates. * Some of the testimonials of professors, a physiotherapist, an engineer and PhD's. 


50+ workshops given to organisations, vzw's, companies like s'Academie, Boerenbond, Securex, Hogeschool Kortrijk, Body Atelier, Ankerpunt, UHasselt, Studio Zuid, Yoga on call, Brussels yogaloft, ...

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